Our Vision
We imagine a Marin where all children are safe, fed, housed, healthy, nurtured and educated to their full potential.
The opportunity to make a difference is ours. Times such as these call for local community solutions. We believe that in Marin, we can make this vision real. Now is the time to work together.
2014 MarinKids Data and Action Guide
The 2014 MarinKids Data & Action Guide shows that even as Marin County ranks high among other counties in California on measures of child well being, up to 60% fewer Marin children who are poor or Latino or African American meet state targets in math and English. Fewer graduate on time, attend preschool or college, or are at a healthy weight. The Action Guide provides a look at how all Marin’s children and youth are faring on key indicators of economic sufficiency, academic performance, access to healthcare services and childhood obesity. Benchmarks are tracked over time and include a deeper look at economic racial/ethnic and economic differences among children. You can review charts and graphs of the key data from the report in each of the policy sections on this website: Economic Sufficiency, Education, Health & Wellness.

Offering recommendations and models for action to promote policies and strategies that can improve outcomes for all kids, the Guide is a tool for advocates and policymakers.

Marin Kids Reaches Out
MarinKids reaches out to the community at-large with education and data on the needs of children in Marin and makes a case for more resources for young children an families to assure more equitable opportunities for all children in Marin. View our short online education video and read our mailer.

Marin Strong Start
A Coalition for a Solution

Marin Strong Start is a grassroots coalition made up of leaders in education, healthcare, business, local government, early care and education, youth, civic organizations, parents and community organizations across Marin County. Marin Strong Start seeks to secure a stable source of funding to ensure access to quality healthcare, preschool, childcare and after school academic support for all of Marin’s children.

The Coalition, staffed by MarinKids, knows that access to these programs is linked to academic achievement, successful careers, long-term health and healthy communities. Over the coming months, Marin Strong Start will reach out to community, educate the public about the issues.

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