MarinKids works to influence public policy and strengthen Marin’s commitment to provide all Marin’s children with equitable opportunities they need to achieve their fullest potential.
Our children’s long-term well-being and Marin’s civic and economic future hinge on ensuring every child has access to high-quality preschool opportunities, a rigorous K-12 education set to high standards, regular and responsive healthcare, physical activity and nutritional food, and a community that cares for all the children.

MarinKids focuses primarily on local and state policy issues that impact children’s health and welfare in three core areas: Economic Sufficiency, Education and Health and Wellness including Childhood Obesity.

Find out why these issues are important to Marin’s children and what we can do locally to make a difference in economic sufficiency, education, health and wellness, and childhood obesity.
Read relevant research and relevant local data about economic sufficiency, education, health and wellness and childhood obesity